How Recycling Your Unwanted Household Items Can Benefit The Chicagoland Area

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Here are some tips on How to Recycle Your Unwanted Household Items That Benefit The Chicagoland Area

Because the world’s population is growing, so are the amounts of trash and discarded items we ditch every day. And while we don’t always notice it in the U.S., doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t exist for us. We just notice it more in third-world countries because of how differently they view trash handling and recycling. We have landfills, where we keep trash “out of sight, out of mind.” As far as true recyclables go, developing countries actually make better use of whatever they can so that very little of what they eat, craft, or sell is wasted. In many ways, they are more resourceful than us. What they do discard, then, is more in the literal sense of what we consider true garbage – the putrid, stinking kind.

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