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12 Ways to Design Your Naperville Home Office

We’re all looking at space and efficiency now that we’re mostly working at home. Whether you work from home and need a home office, or you commute between work and home, here are 12 ideas on how to design your home office:

  1. Use a bedroom.  If you have a guest bedroom, but don’t typically have overnight visitors, you could easily turn it into a private home office.  Keep things simple with a few basics: a rectangular table (who says it has to be a desk?), a chair or two, and a bright study lamp.  If you want to add more accessories to the room, include a bookcase and storage bins for organizing, or use a credenza for all your files and other essentials.
  2. Hallway space.  If you have a long hallway that dead-ends, you might have enough room to fit a narrow desk, chair, and a floor or table top lamp to meet your needs.  Design the space further by adding in a little color from coordinating décor in adjoining rooms, and you have yourself a cheery little home office space.
  3. Corner space.  Another partial space within a room would be to utilize a corner section, along two adjacent walls.  An L-shaped desk is easy to fit in most places, or even two tables, along with storage on castors that can be slid underneath your work surface.
  4. Renovate a closet.  This works best if you can remove the door, to give you more elbow room in close quarters and replace with a curtain.  Adding shelving and other design elements you would include in any room, to really transform the closet into a room of its own.  When not in use, simply draw the curtain closed.
  5. Multipurpose space.  Do you have a nook or unused wall and extra countertop space in the kitchen?  Turn it into your command center with the addition of a bulletin board to combine your kitchen and office needs into one convenient space that takes care of your recipes as well as your memos and calendar to-dos.
  6. Entryway or garage table.  While you might not be able to fit a desk, you could sidle up a chair (that folds up or tucks underneath) a console table, and have a place for sorting through mail or writing correspondence.
  7. Suspended workspace.  Done different ways, it can be a desk, breakfast bar, or reading nook all by the use of a type of floating shelf that bolts to the wall.  Tight on space?  Install one with hinges so you can let it hang flat against the wall when you’re done working so it doesn’t intrude on the rest of the space in the room.
  8. Attic (or loft) desk.  Much like a closet, the attic can become a veritable space for working because it has enough room for a desk, and is a little out of the way from the rest of your household to afford you a little bit more privacy and quiet.
  9. Storage table.  If a desk is not as much of a concern, you can opt for organizing your supplies beneath a table with a thick tablecloth, so that everything stays hidden from sight until you need them.
  10. Basement office.  Avoid feeling like you’re in a cave when working in the basement by setting up your desk and storage needs with adequate lighting, comfortable seating, and a colorful throw rug.
  11. Office on wheels.  Don’t really care where you set up to work, as long as you have what you need when and where you need it?  Then having a filing system on wheels with a sturdy surface might be all you need to take your work with you to any room of your house.
  12. Cupboard storage.  A wooden pantry or cupboard can make a handy option for organizing your supplies and office equipment on shelves, while keeping them behind closed doors to ensure your files stay neat and secure.

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