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Naperville IL Is One of the Best Cities for College Grads to Live In


Naperville, IL, known as one of the safest towns in the U.S., is one of the best places for recent college graduates to call home. It’s a highly-educated, but small, town – at a population of only 140,000 people, where the median age is 38. However, there are also over 7,000 men and 7,000 women who are adults ages 25-34 in Naperville, and more than 70% of them are college graduates who hold a bachelor’s degree or doctorate. This includes men and women who have grown up in Naperville and have attended the town’s award-winning schools for K-12, but also newcomers who have relocated by choice to Naperville after graduation. What appeals the most to their age group is the fact that they can have a laid-back suburban life, in addition to all of the conveniences and opportunities that are found in any major city across the country.

The benefits of recent college graduates living in Naperville include:

  • Affordable housing options. Naperville’s healthy housing market makes an excellent town for young executives, singles, and couples to consider. Up to one-fourth of homes available are affordable rental properties with rent less than 30% of the average yearly income for their age group. Many rentals are located downtown, which can make a significant difference to new grads looking to live as close as possible to work, maybe even within walking distance. As these new members of the workforce become more established within the community, or get married and start their families, they can easily go on to become first-time homebuyers, and choose from hundreds of starter-homes in any of Naperville’s friendly and well-cared-for neighborhoods.

  • Plenty of jobs. With a low unemployment rate of only 4.9%, there are over 50,000 job openings for young professionals to start their job searches. Degreed careers in accounting, energy, management, healthcare, IT and technology, transportation, manufacturing, and sales are among the top fields hiring right now.

  • Public transportation. Recent college grads tend to rely on public transportation, and Naperville has earned several awards for their safe and efficient transportation system, and well-constructed roadways. Many residents work throughout town, especially in downtown Naperville, but others also commute to Chicago, which is only 30 minutes away, or other nearby communities.

  • Sports and leisure activities. Young adults thrive on an active lifestyle, and they won’t be disappointed in what Naperville has in store for them. As a family-friendly town that’s steeped in culture, the arts, and communication, Naperville’s recreational activities and events are as abundant as they are accessible. Ranging from scenic strolls and activities at any of the parks or the Riverwalk, to visiting downtown for any number of concerts, plays, movies, celebrations, marathons, or parades, there is something for everybody of any age, no matter your budget.

  • Premier shopping, dining, and businesses. No need to go far for choice shopping or dining. Downtown Naperville has over 100 retailers, 50 restaurants, and several hundred businesses, with continuous plans for expansion. Most recently is the Water Street Development, with the addition of the boutique Hotel Indigo, and a new lineup of shops all set to open this fall.

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