Planning Your Naperville Home Sale

Planning Your Home Sale: A 12-Step Comprehensive Guide

Selling your house effectively for the price you want in the time you need, is all about preparation and planning. Here are Ryan Hill Group's Steps to Prepare Your Home for Sale, to get the best price in the shortest time.

1. Home Inspection - To ensure that your home is at its best before you put it on the market, consider a home inspection and take care of any major repairs.

2. Calculations - Determine costs to you. Home inspection, moving expenses, cost of living in your new neighborhood, capital gains tax, any mortgage penalties, staging, handyman costs, if getting a new home - mortgage costs, etc. Expect to pay 7 to 10 percent on the home’s sale price for closing costs.

3. Selling Strategy - It is best to prepare the following before sitting down with your Ryan Hill Group Broker to make any final decisions:

  • Decide how fast you want to sell and how much money you hope to get.
  • Outline your exact expectations with your Broker for them to know what your priorities are.
  • Create a list of features about your home that you believe are important for your Broker to add to its marketing.
  • Request monthly reports on marketing and progress.
  • Speak with your Ryan Hill  Broker to establish when you want to buy your new home.

4. Setting The Price - Your Ryan Hill  Broker will prepare a very thorough Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), and will show you all the research used for the property selection in the final CMA. Although your Broker can provide you with a good pricing strategy, it is up to you to decide on the price, with a full understanding of subsequent results (ie. timeline, expectations, etc).

5. Dynamic Marketing - Marketing is very important for maximum exposure of the home for sale, Ryan Hill Group’s dynamic marketing will get your home seen above all others. By using online marketing and print advertising, your home will get seen by thousands of homebuyers. In addition, your home will get its own single property website, virtual tour and social media ads. Your Ryan Hill Group Broker will also market it to the entire real estate community.

6. Preparation and Staging - Presentation is everything. Take the time and invest in making your home shine in all its glory. Pay attention to both the inside and the outside (curb appeal). Your Ryan Hill Group Broker can help you with suggestions and recommend stagers.

7. Showings and Open Houses - Once your Ryan Hill Group Broker markets the home, you will have Brokers and homebuyers at your door. Be prepared. The home should be ready to show at all times. Let your Broker add a lockbox or agree on scheduled appointments while you are out.

8. Review Buyer Offers - The most important thing to remember at this stage is that you can’t bring emotions into the transaction. Don’t get upset or disheartened if you get a low offer. Stay organized, keep a list of offers with their details -- closing date, contingencies, offer expiration date, etc.

9. Negotiation - Everything is negotiable. Discuss this with your Ryan Hill Group Broker who is a trained negotiator. Don’t forget to set a move-in and closing date. If the buyer will not negotiate on the price, try offering to pay for part of the buyers closing costs, or to cover needed repairs found during property inspection.

10. Payment - Prepare a final walk-through inspection, take care of any repairs that were agreed upon. Choose a real estate attorney who will order a title search, request payoff information for your mortgage and other liens on the home, prepare and record documents, hold and disburse funds and prepare closing statements. Sign the closing documents and move out of the house.

11. Paperwork - Keep copies of all your paperwork, especially for reporting the sale on your Federal and State taxes.

12. Celebrate! - Enjoy the fact that you have successfully sold your house and are now ready for new possibilities!

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