Move or Remodel: When to Move or Stay Put

Move or Remodel: When to Move or Stay Put

Is it time to move, or remodel your home, instead? To make the right decision to move or stay put, you must first evaluate your options as well as your motivations. Sometimes, it’s simply that you need a bigger (or smaller) home, making a move a logical choice. Other times, it’s a matter of renovating a room to better suit your changing needs. How to determine if you should move or remodel can be done by asking these 4 questions:

  1. Are the temporary inconveniences worth toughing out? Sure, neighbors can be annoyingly loud for a variety of reasons due to parties, pets, kids, their own home renovations, yard work, or vehicles. There might even be nearby road closures due to construction that may hamper your commute to work. But for the most part, they generally are minor setbacks, and eventually you can resume the norm. With a little bit of patience (and some maybe advance planning), you can get through them. If, however, they won’t let up, then that’s another thing altogether that may actually impact your decision to call it quits and move.

  2. Is your privacy being compromised? Everyone wants to feel like they can be comfortable in their own home – and for good reason. What you do from the privacy of your own home is up to you, and having people intrude (both knowingly and unknowingly) can threaten your way of life or even your safety. You can’t control people, but you can minimize the possibility of adverse situations by what you do to protect yourself, in which case the remodeling of your home, or enhancing it in some way, will correct the issue. If not, then it might actually warrant moving elsewhere.

  3. Can you take action? Misunderstandings with our neighbors can cause all kinds of rifts and tension. Sometimes, it’s easier to get upset with someone than it is to understand their reasoning for doing something with which we disagree. However, by openly communicating about where you are coming from before the problem escalates, you both stand a chance at clearing up the situation before it blows out of proportion and you have no choice but for one or both of you to move out of the area.

  4. Is your real estate value at stake? Changes in your neighborhood, as well as to your neighbors’ homes or yours can all play a hand in what your property is worth. Since that amount fluctuates, it is normal for it to change from year-to-year. But if you find that it continues to go on the decline, it might be time to reevaluate by moving or even renting out your home to earn a profit, should you decide to move.

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Ultimately, your finances factor into making the right decision about moving or staying. Is it more-cost effective and/or convenient to move, or to pay to have your home adjusted to what you need it to be?

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