Home Staging Your White Eagle Home For Sale

Home Staging Your White Eagle Home For Sale

You have taken all the right steps to put your White Eagle home for sale in Naperville on the Summer market. Here are some insights to make your home stand out to prospective homebuyers.

There are two areas you need to pay extra attention to when inviting buyers over for a home tour. The exterior ‘curb appeal’ and the interior ‘home staging’. You will hear these words a lot as a home seller. There’s a good reason for that – these two factors will help your White Eagle home for sale stand apart – first impressions are everything!

To stage your White Eagle home for sale, keep in mind that you are making your home look the best it can. You may want to consider hiring a professional home stage, I have used many great stagers and can recommend someone. They know how to enhance the strengths of a home and work with the flow. They also don’t have an emotional attachment to the belongings and can objectively remove clutter, properly place furniture, and help you improve your curb appeal. However, if you would rather stage your home yourself, here are some steps you can take to create that perfect ‘first impression’.

Don’t Kick Curb Appeal To The Curb

The outside is as important as the inside. Especially since White Eagle is a golfing community, these homes always bring prospective buyers with high-expectations. Curb appeal is the first chance you get to make a great impression.

Power-wash the deck, siding and rails. Clean the windows until they shine. Remove dead trees, shrubs, and flowers. Keep the lawn, flowers and other plants neat and tidy. Mow the lawn, weed the entire area. Once you’ve cleaned up, add special touches like hanging planters and large, lush flower pots to create an inviting welcome.

Staging Your Home Interior For Maximum Impact

The whole home has to be neat and clean. Deep clean if you have to, or hire a professional cleaning company. This is a very important step. Once the home is clean, stage your home with minimal furnishings.

The key to staging is to set the tone to something meaningful and suggesting its countless possibilities. Your buyer needs to imagine their own things in the home, and mentally make it their space. To do this, you will need to remove all personal items, and anything that could distract the buyers attention. Keep only what makes its functional. Put away remote controls, magazines, toys and everything else. Pack away things that you don’t use every day.

Arrange furniture to enhance the strengths of the room and facilitate traffic flow. If your furniture shows signs of age, consider borrowing pieces.

If you need inspiration, look online or better yet, visit some model homes to see how decorators have put rooms together. It's not necessary for individual rooms to be used for their original purpose as long as the functions they represent are logical and show off the space well.

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