8 Ways to Improve Your Sleep with a More Organized Bedroom in Your Naperville Home

8 Ways to Improve Your Sleep with a More Organized Bedroom in Your Naperville Home

Naperville homeowners - do you consider your bedroom the place where you can relax and get a good night’s sleep? Or is it currently a catch-all for your day’s stress and items from around the house, so that when it comes to sleeping, you can hardly catch a wink?

To make your bedroom a restful, peaceful zone conducive to sleep, it has to be clutter-free and smelling fresh, with simple, functional furniture.

  1. Decorate the top of a nightstand with a book you are reading, a vase of (fresh) flowers, a carafe of water or cup of sleepy tea, and a candle.

  2. Stash all other items you frequently need but don’t necessarily want to have in sight inside the nightstand. Drawers or cabinets with doors work best, so that you can easily tuck things like books or glasses away until they’re needed, rather than having them become piles of clutter on top of the nightstand.

  3. Purify the air in your bedroom by vacuuming and dusting all surfaces on a weekly basis; air out the room out for at least a half hour in the morning; walk barefoot in the room and keep it shoe-free; use only natural, breathable fabrics for bedding and curtains; decorate with plants in your room, such as with bamboo, rubber, or aloe; and use carpet sparingly – forgo wall-to-wall carpeting and instead use an area rug you can wash.

  4. Dress up your bed with soft, cotton, silk, or jersey sheets, and fluffy pillows to help induce sleep. In warmer weather, add a lightweight coverlet, or a cashmere throw, and in cooler months swap out the cotton sheets for flannel or bulk up with a down comforter or Sherpa throw.

  5. Keep electronic use to a minimum or forego them altogether! For some people, a television keeps them from falling asleep, and the use of other electronics such as a tablet, computer, or even a smart phone can also interfere with sleep or the body’s ability to wind down and prepare for sleep at all.

  6. Use wall hooks hidden by a door to hold bins or baskets to store everything from jewelry to linens and fresh laundry out of the way and yet organized.

  7. Refold clothing you’ve only worn once and plan to wear at least one or more times before washing, rather than be tempted to throw them on the floor or drape over furniture. Otherwise, put them directly into a hamper so you don’t have an excuse to put off doing the laundry!

  8. Who says bedtime rituals are only for children? Create a relaxing bedtime routine to give your body the chance to gradually unwind by dimming the lights within an hour before bed, spray the room or take a bath with a calming scent such as rose, lavender, or vanilla, listen to soothing music, or read an uplifting book in print.

By making the bedroom of your Naperville home a restful haven for you to look forward to, you will sleep better and wake up more refreshed. Here’s to a good night!

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