4 Reasons to Live in the Chicago Suburbs

When making the decision to live in the city of Chicago or any of its suburbs, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices to the one that makes the most sense. Are you interested in the bustling inner-city or the quiet of a rural setting?  Or how about something in between?  If that still makes it tough to choose, it’s helpful to make a list of pros and cons about what areas you want to consider and why.

Where can you see yourself raising your family?  Which community offers more opportunities that fit your overall lifestyle?  As you begin to narrow down your list, also consider your school options, commute time to your existing job, or available employment in the area if you’re currently looking for a new job, property taxes, home sizes, and the neighborhoods, to help you compare all the benefits to living in Chicagoland.

To help you get started on your list, here are 4 reasons to choose one of Chicago’s suburbs:

  1. Larger homes for less.  Especially if the square footage you desire is meant for you to share with more than just you alone, you might find suburban living much more family-friendly in a home where you can have room to spread out, have ample storage, and maybe even a yard, access to nearby parks and still be close to other big-city offerings like shopping, recreation, and dining, all while saving some money.
  2. Quality education.  In general, suburban schools are ranked better than city schools often because of the economic climate in the local area, and available funding and programs to benefit students.  Schools best equipped with forward-thinking teachers, families who remain involved in their children’s education, and community support are the ones that tend to do better – which in most cases are the suburban, rather than a city, or even rural, schools.  However, there are some exceptions, as noted by this list of top high schools in Illinois, which has several Chicago high schools, versus this list of top elementary schools in the Chicago areawith predominantly Naperville elementary schools, and this list of top colleges in Illinois that includes Chicago and suburbs.  Clearly, it warrants thorough research of the schools in the areas where you are looking for homes for sale if you want to find your best match.
  3. Friendly neighbors and more green space.  When you live in the suburbs, you tend to be outdoors more frequently, where you have more chances to socialize with your neighbors.  As people get to know their neighbors, they have a sense of community, and value the upkeep of their homes, and have a stake in ensuring the neighborhood remains safe for all.  
  4. Health and wellness. Quiet, wooded suburbs have more space for parks and trails for you to walk or bike, and yet you’re still close to shopping, dining, and businesses of all kinds.  Overall, though, there are fewer traffic jams and throngs of people in public places, and crime rates are lower, such as with this list of top safest cities in Illinois where Western Springs, Geneva, and Barrington are best-ranked.  When compared to a national list of safe cities, even there Illinois is on the #2 spot with Highland Park.  Suburbs also offer more job opportunities than the inner city and more ways to connect with the community and neighborhoods as a result.  

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