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Welcome to Westmont! Located in the heart of the greater Chicago area, Westmont is truly “In the Middle of it All.” Westmont is a warm and friendly village of over 25,000 residents and offers easy access to highway, rail, and air transportation. Its excellent schools, world-class restaurants, vibrant downtown, and comfortable neighborhoods make it a pleasant place to visit, do business, or to settle and enjoy life.

History of Westmont

Westmont traces its beginnings to the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Not wanting the tragedy to happen again, city leaders declared that all new buildings should be constructed of brick or stone.

Seizing the opportunity, businessman William L. Gregg decided to set up at The Excelsior Brick Making Company in the area we now know as Westmont due to its natural clay and high elevation.  The natural clay in the earth provided excellent material for building bricks while the high elevation was ideal for railroad cars loaded with bricks traveling back to Chicago.

The brick-making company lasted for 10 years, and a village grew around it. Even after the company closed, railroad cars continued to make stops at the village formerly known as “Gregg’s,” but instead of transporting bricks, picked up milk from local farmers in the area.

It was in 1920 when land developer Arthur T. McIntosh began buying property in the area. He sought to establish a town where people can buy land for as little as $5 down payment. By 1921, there were enough people living in the area and it eventually became incorporated as the Village of Westmont. The village was named Westmont because it is the highest point west of Chicago along the railroad.

Throughout the years, Westmont continued to expand north and south, tripling in size. Westmont continues to become a home for those looking for a comfortable suburban lifestyle with a mix of cultural, recreational, and educational offerings and easy access to the big city.

Tourists and residents can learn more about the history of Westmont by visiting the Gregg House Museum, which is actually the original 1871 home of William L. Gregg.  The Museum is operated by the Westmont Historical Society and displays exhibits and artifacts proudly showcasing Westmont’s history.

Westmont in the 20th Century

In the 1960s and 1970s, Westmont experienced growth with new subdivisions, property annexations, and new multiple-family housing units which led to a surge in population growth.

At present, the growth rate of Westmont Village has now stabilized and most of the County has become landlocked.

In the early 1990s, the original plats for the Village were laid out and streets were dedicated and remain unchanged until today.

In the next 25 years since then, the Village discouraged concentrated commercial or industrial growth. Westmont has continued to grow as a commuter residence or bedroom community area.

Westmont is now a fascinating blend of old and new, with older housing and gridiron or rectilinear streets in the heart of the Village, with high-rise apartments on the curvilinear street, and newer developed subdivisions interspersed north and south.

What attracts many to Westmont is its desirable location and transportation base, which is perfect for both residential and industrial communities.

Getting Around Westmont

Westmont is easily accessible via air, highway, and railway. The East-West Tollway, Interstate 55,  Interstate 355, and Interstate 294 provide easy access to any part of Chicago. The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad also provides commuters fast and convenient transportation. Nearby airports are the O’Hare International Airport and Midway Airport

The biggest employers based in Westmont are the toy company Ty and transportation company SIRVA.

Things to do in Westmont

Whether you're hungry for a sizzling steak or looking for a place to spend a special night in town, there's no better place to go than Westmont, with its wide selection of restaurants, bistros, and area cafes that satisfy a variety of appetites.

Westmont features over 90 local restaurants that serve both American and International cuisine such as Italian, Chinese, Indian, and Bohemian. For those on the go looking for a quick bite, choose from several fast-food stores, delicatessens, and pizza parlors.

Westmont offers world-class shopping and entertainment and its sports venues attract millions of visitors to the Chicago area every year.

Make Westmont your home and experience the convenience and fun of being “In the Middle of It All!

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