About Hinsdale, Illinois

About Hinsdale, IL

Hinsdale is located 21 miles west of Chicago and offers a unique hometown charm combined with natural beauty and a friendly community.

The Village of Hinsdale exudes a natural feeling of warmth and comfort.  It maintains a delicate balance of thriving commerce and the feeling of community. The village is a perfect place for business, education, and suburban living.

Hinsdale belongs to the top 1% richest towns in Illinois and is known for its beautiful homes and teardown culture, where new rebuilds have taken the place of 30% of homes in the village.

Rich in history, Hinsdale abounds with historic architecture and streets lined with mature trees on its rolling, wooded topography. The local shops and unique boutiques add to its charming appeal. Its historic appeal does not mean it is lagging behind other cities. In fact, Hinsdale boasts of excellent schools, highly-regarded health care, and competent social services for all ages. With a population of almost 17,000, Hinsdale’s residents are generous and civic-minded, making it a truly distinct place to live in.

Downtown Chicago is just a 22-minute express ride away on the Burlington Northern train line.

Downtown Hinsdale

Hinsdale’s Central Business District is in itself a tourist destination and an inviting place to do business with its historical architecture, classic lampposts, and lush landscaping. This place is actually listed on the National Register of Historic Places. What is remarkable about Downtown Hinsdale is how little it has changed considering the number of teardowns that have happened in the town. Enjoy a wide selection of restaurants and shops and access to the train station in downtown Hinsdale.

Gateway Square is a popular destination that offers more shops and services as well as an interesting Internal Courtyard.

Grant Square is adjacent to Downtown Hinsdale and offers a convenient shopping experience with its pedestrian and parking-friendly shops.

Hinsdale Historical Society

To preserve Hinsdale's legacy of important architectural landmarks, the Hinsdale Historical Society runs the Roger & Ruth Anderson Architecture Center, which oversees the preservation of Hinsdale's historical architecture and serves as an archive and resource center.

Hinsdale Education

The Community Consolidated School District 181 and the Hinsdale Township High School District 86 serve the school children of Hinsdale.

Economy and Employment in Hinsdale

While many residents commute to the Chicago area for work, Hinsdale is also home to many small and medium-sized businesses like Meadowlark Golf Course, Trumeau Design & Decor, Salt Creek Club, Divine Providence In-Home Care Services, Walt Denny, Inc, and ANI Incorporated, along with various other businesses.

Non-profit organizations such as Hinsdale Historical Society and Hinsdale Humane Society are also based there.

Hinsdale Parks and Recreation

The 53-acre Katherine Legge Memorial Park and Lodge may be rented for private and corporate events such as receptions, weddings, banquets, meetings, parties, and picnics. The park has a clubhouse with meeting rooms, a football/soccer field, a picnic area, playground apparatus, a scenic open space, a shelter, a sledding hill, and four platform tennis courts. Go for a dip in Hinsdale’s 3-acre Community Swimming Pool. Hinsdale has a wide offering of parks and recreational facilities for people of all ages to enjoy.

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